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6 Ways to Make Communicating With Your Brand More Fun

Becoming a brand name that resonates with consumers is not easy. It takes time to build a brand the customers love. One of the keys to building a successful brand is communication.

If you want to earn a loyal following of brand evangelists, you must make interactions with your brand more fun and engaging. Here’s what you need to do to get started.

Create a Persona

Most companies take the time to create a buyer persona, but they neglect to create a persona of their own. Your brand needs to have a voice and a personality. A brand that looks like it has no opinions isn’t so appealing to consumers.

Customers love companies that channel their fame to something meaningful. As a brand, you should be vocal about your opinions. It will help you communicate good traits and establish an emotional connection with the consumers.

One of the keys to maintaining a recognizable brand personality is to remain consistent across all platforms and touchpoints. This will help your audience connect and identify with your brand in a better way.

Start Conversations

Go further than just saying “thank you” when a customers shares a positive experience with you. According to Printroom, social media is your biggest ally in nurturing a personal bond with your followers.

Strike conversations and give open-ended responses on social media platforms. The average customer loves when a brand takes time to talk with them one on one.

Your audience will remember you better if you engage in fun and playful conversations with them. Positive and natural real-time conversations are sure to leave a long-lasting impression on your customers.

You can utilize multiple social media platroforms to add flare to your communications. Unlike your conventional social media platform, LinkedIn is different and unique in a way as it is more formal and professional compared to other platforms. On the other hand, Snapchat is an app which allows users to exchange pictures, images, and videos with each other and disappears after a given amount of time. Use social media platforms accordingly to spice up communications between you and your customers.

Use Chatbots To Make Your Brand More Fun

Conversations are vital to all relationships. Naturally, your customer service plays a huge role here. Having dedicated customer service reps that understand your brand’s message and know how to talk in your brand’s voice is awesome, but what happens when their shift ends?

Your prospective clients turn to your website for answers. And skimming through a 10,000-word FAQ page to find a particular piece of information doesn’t sound like a fun way to interact with your brand.

That’s where chatbots come in. They allow your customers to quite literally communicate with your brand outside of office hours. Moreover, as seen in a case study published by ServisBot, a chatbot can increase quote conversion rates by over 11%.

A chatbot can engage site visitors in an intelligent, conversational, and fun manner. Brands can use chatbots to drive more personal interactions with consumers. Famous brands like Uber and National Geographic are using chatbots to create a new form of conversational commerce.

Post Content Just For Fun and Enjoyment

As Bill Gates would say, content is king! Every now and then, you can post content that doesn’t include a CTA, a link to your blog, or anything of the sort. You just need to make sure it’s shareable. Publish light-hearted content just for the sake of fun.

But, make sure it’s something your audience will enjoy. This way, you’re telling them you’re here to delight them as well, and not just to sell to them. Fun content will increase engagement and keep your audience coming back for more.

Encourage User-Generated Content

All types of content you publish need to be relevant. Relevant content will help you create a community around your brand. But, how can you tell what type of content is relevant content? Let your audience show you!

Naturally, you need to pay close attention to what your target audience is saying about you on the internet. But, an even better way to both learn more about your audience and engage them in a fun manner is to encourage them to create their own content that has something to do with your brand. Two birds with one stone!

You can ask your audience to share their favorite recipes, put together fun quizzes, create an essay or photo contest. People love sharing what they like, and this gives you a great chance to learn more about them.

When it comes to communicating with your customers in a fun and engaging manner, the valuable insights gained from their essays written by your customers should be of greater help than a run-of-the-mill survey.

Let’s say you want to use humor when communicating with customers, so you want to learn what kind of humor would work best. You shouldn’t just ask them to tell you what kind of humor they like, like you would in a survey. You should simply ask them to tell you a joke.

Don’t Oversell

When you are communicating with your audience, try not to oversell. It can kill the mood. People don’t like brands that just talk about themselves.

Try to keep the self-promotion subtle when you’re engaging customers on social media. Yes, they know you’re there to promote your business, but, if you want to make communication with your brand more fun, your job is to make them forget that for a second.