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How to get a marriage license in Illinois

Every state has its own set of requirements that are to be met before getting married and Illinois is not an exemption. Some rules are to be met before a marriage license can be issued to a couple hoping to get married. Although the requirements of some states are similar, there are still some requirements that are different from other states.  The best way to learn more would be to visit the official U.S Marriage Laws site.

To acquire a marriage license without consent, the two individuals hoping to get married must be 18 years or older. However, to get a marriage license when you are underage, that is below 18 years, the consent of both parents is needed to show that the marriage is not prohibited and that both parents are in support of the marriage. There are no residency requirements for a marriage license. To get married in Illinois, it is not required that a blood test is carried out. However, the law requires the clerk to provide a pamphlet to the couple intending to get married and this pamphlet should provide information on sexually transmitted diseases and any inherited disease.

  • When applying for a marriage license, the form should include personal information such as the full name, address, sex and the date of birth. You can also drop any means of transportation such as your driver’s license, US passport, etc. It should also include information about previous marriages( if there are any) if the individual is divorced or not, had an invalid marriage or lost a spouse in death. Previous marriages in which the other spouse passed away within 6 weeks must provide a death certificate showing if it is true or not. The name and address of the guardian. It should also be stated if the couple intending to get married are related by blood, if they are, the relationship or any plan of getting married should be aborted as soon as possible. This is because a relationship between relatives is prohibited. When filling out the application for a marriage license, the presence of a witness is not needed. You do not have to be a resident of Illinois to get a marriage certificate.
  • To obtain a marriage license, the couple must fill and sign the form correctly. The couple must then appear in front of the clerk and pay the necessary fee that is required. Each country has its required fee that is to be paid. This fee is to be paid in cash. The clerk would issue a license and a marriage certificate form. To get married in Illinois, you need about $30.00, some county charges about $50.00. However, this price varies from one county to another.
  • While it is true that blood relatives are not allowed to get married, first cousins who are above the age of 50 and would want to get married to each other are free to get married.
  • Illinois does not allow proxy marriage and so both parties are to be present when called.
  • If you use your new name on your marriage certificate, it does not mean that your name has automatically changed, you still have to go through the stated procedures when you want to change your last name. An ordained minister is expected to officiate the wedding
  • Waiting period

The license to marry that was issued would be effective after the day it was issued unless the court orders that the effectiveness takes place as soon as it is issued. Therefore, to escape the 1-day effectiveness, you need to appeal to the court and providing efficient information as to why the marriage license has to become effective as soon as possible. The marriage license has to be issued where you plan to get married as a license cannot be transferred from one country to another.

  • Expiration

The marriage license is usually issued in place of a marriage certificate. It is issued while the marriage certificate is still pending and gives you the go-ahead to get married in the eyes of the law. However, the marriage license has a 60-day lifespan which starts reading as soon as it is issued and if it is not used before the stated date, it would be expired. When the marriage license gets expired, the couple is to get another marriage license.