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How To Obtain Your Bike Insurance Policy Documents If They Are Lost

Have you misplaced your bike insurance policy? Need to find your bike insurance proof? Don’t panic. While it’s uncommon, it can happen. If you cannot find the policy after doing a thorough  check for insurance documents, you can request a duplicate from your insurance provider. Understanding the process is crucial before taking these steps.

What Happens If Your Bike Insurance Documents Get Lost?

Riding a bike requires third-party insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. If you need to place your policy document, obtaining a duplicate before riding is essential. Fines of ₹2000 for a first offence and ₹4000 for subsequent offences apply if caught without insurance. Without a valid policy, you’re personally responsible for costs in case of an accident. Always have duplicate policy documents when riding on public roads.

What Are Some Preventive Actions You Can Take?

Prevent potential issues by keeping a soft copy of your policy document. Physical copies can be damaged or lost. Many insurance companies offer the convenience of purchasing motorcycle insurance online with the option to receive a soft copy. Additionally, online renewals make the process hassle-free.

How To Obtain An Offline Copy Of A Bike Insurance Policy?

Here is the procedure to obtain a duplicate two-wheeler insurance document if you misplaced your original.

  • File an FIR, publish an ad in the local newspaper, sign an indemnity bond, and submit the necessary paperwork to your insurer.
  • Include details like policyholder name, policy number, date of issuance, and chosen policy type in your application.
  • Attach a copy of the FIR, advertisement, and indemnity bond for processing.

Getting a duplicate bike insurance policy used to be a cumbersome process, but it’s now quick and straightforward, thanks to digitalisation. Obtain a copy online in a few easy steps, even if you initially purchased the insurance offline.

How Can I Obtain A Copy Of My Bike Insurance Online?

Your insurance company can mail you a duplicate policy copy for prompt assistance. The procedures to obtain a duplicate policy online are as follows:

  • Go To The Insurer’s Website: The first thing you should do is go to the insurance provider’s official website.
  • Log In To Your Account: You can access your account by logging in on the website after visiting it. You can log in using information such as your policy number, ID number, registered email address, or registered mobile number.
  • Download The Policy: The insurance policy you bought will be visible after you log into your account. The duplicate copy of your insurance policy is easily downloadable. Downloading the Bajaj Allianz online bike insurance copy won’t take long. You can also request a copy of the insurance document in your mailbox. From there, you can also download it.

A two-wheeler insurance policy is essential to safeguard your finances while riding. If you misplace your document, obtaining a duplicate copy is a simple process. Follow the instructions to download your insurance policy online. 

Policyholders can easily perform a Bajaj Allianz bike insurance check periodically to review and confirm their coverage details, premium status, and policy expiration. This ensures transparency and allows for timely renewals or adjustments as needed.*

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