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Is Moving To Orlando A Right Decision? What Is The Best Time For Relocation?

Orlando is popular as World’s theme park capital. It is thrilling to move to the home of SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios. Florida is a large city and has a diverse and rich downtown area scenario. However, there are some things to consider before you finalize moving to Orlando.

  • Cost of living – To reside in Orlando the cost for one-individual is $870 and a family of 4 people is $3,100 per month excluding housing. The index score of overall living cost in Orlando city is 98%. It means 2% lower than Florida. This means, it is average and affordable than other cities.
  • Housing rents – Apartment rents range from $1,100 to $1,500. It depends on the town area you prefer to stay.
  • Popular neighborhood areas – College Park, Audubon Park Garden District, Lake Eola Heights Historic District, Mills 50, and Parramore.
  • Job market – It is an IT center associated with agriculture, digital media, software designing, aviation, and aerospace. It is home to 120+ companies. Video-game, film, and TV sector has a vast presence. It is a hub for military training and simulation programs. The health care industry is also flourishing.
  • Taxes – Orlando residents don’t have to pay the state income tax, so they save more.
  • Education – The public schools are top-notch and there are several easily accessible around Orlando.
  • Transportation – Highway traffic in Orlando is terrible but in terms of public transportation there is the SunRail, traditional bus system, and BRT service within the city. To go out of town there are two airports and two stations.
  • Culture & entertainment – There are several Ballet centers and theaters that perform art all year round, besides the theme parks. Orlando has a countless number of bars, clubs, and restaurants.
  • Climate – There is sunshine all around the year. The air quality is 27% better than the national average.

You can see that moving to Orlando is beneficial. You can feel overwhelmed with the thought of moving to a new county and starting a fresh life. It is normal! Nonetheless, choose an ideal moving time for a smooth transition.

When is the best time to relocate to Orlando?

More than 40 million Americans migrate in a year and 62% of moves are scheduled in the holiday season – from May to September. School-aged kids will not bet disturbed as it is their summer vacation. So, if you have no concerns about kids then plan a move in January or December.

Moving in these off-season saves on moving expenses as the demand for movers is low. Approach Ship a Car, Inc. as it is one of the best Orlando Florida car shipping servicesThe providers are insured and licensed, so you can stay assured that the move is in professional hands.

After deciding a month, you will need to consider the week. In general, people move in the first or last week of the month because leases begin at this time. To cut down more on the cost you can choose the date around 10th – 20th of the chosen month. Besides, morning is the best time as you gain sufficient time to handle other migration matters. Late shifts can disturb your neighbors. Be flexible in your moving dates and save some cash!