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Marketing Strategy For A Dropshipping Store

Do you have or plan to have an online store under the Dropshipping model? Do you want to know some tips to apply for a good marketing plan for that business? Well, I recommend you read this article where we will talk about digital marketing services [jasa digital marketingwhich is the term in Indonesia] tactics that you can apply today in your Dropshipping eCommerce.

First Of All, What Is Dropshipping

The term refers to a way to manage an online store. It is the logistics management in which the manufacturer makes one of the most tedious parts of a business. That is, it is who stores, packages, and makes the shipments.

The manufacturer works hand in hand with the retailer, with the person in charge of managing the website where these products are sold. Your job is both to promote the items, such as serving the customer and taking care of the billing.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Dropshipping Store

  • You do not have to invest in having a sledgehammer to store the product
  • You do not have to buy merchandise in advance. You only pay the supplier the cost of the products sold
  • The manufacturer or wholesaler usually sends you the texts and photos of the products to set up your online store, so the process of creating it is greatly reduced
  • Another important advantage is that as a manager of your onlinestore, you will not need to manage the logistics of the products. This part is carried out by the supplier, remember that you will only be the intermediar

Invest InSEM Strategies

We recommend running Google Ads campaigns in the first months of the online store. Within the Google advertising tool, the type of campaign that works best is the Search Network.

It is not necessary to campaign for all products in the online store. We recommend taking a small group of those products that have the highest profit margin and whose cost per click on Google ads campaigns is the lowest. In this case, it will work better.