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Printer Paper: Use this Guide to Make the Purchase Right

When creating a great printed piece, it is important to pick the right printer paper. Paper choice can affect the final product, ink, and design. Also, it impacts how, where, and when the printed pieces can be used. In fact, it affects the price at higher quantities. If you are planning to shop for printed paper, make sure to look for 123ink printer paper deals. Also, use this guide to help you make the right decision:

The Right Paper Material

Paper is not only made from wood. Paper can also be made from synthetic fibres, cloth, and even plastics. These pieces serve specialised purposes. Also, you can find specialty green paper made from more eco-friendly materials. Also, it is sourced from sustainable forests and tends to biodegrade faster than paper made from other materials.

The Right Paper for the Job

The majority of print jobs are part of a marketing campaign, be it a brochure, business card, a huge poster, or a postcard mailing campaign. When picking the paper you will need, consider if you will need a detailed die-cut, if there will be a piece to be mailed, where you will store it, if you want to write on the paper, or if the paper will be exposed to the elements. Consider also if you need the paper perforated.

Considering Affordability

Paper can affect the price of any printed piece. More expensive pieces of paper can add a bit to a printed project’s total cost, especially if you want to print in huge quantities. Ultimately, it is important to pick a piece of paper that works for your budget. Think about investing in paper for function first. This means getting paper that can hold up and function.

Paper Stock: Coated vs Uncoated

You can find a variety of coating finishes on the market. However, all types of paper can be either coated or uncoated. Uncoated paper is absorbent and has a non-glare surface. Nothing is covering its natural fibres. Uncoated paper tends to soak up ink easily. In general, this paper is used for things such as newsletters, stationery and standard envelopes, as well as affordable flyers.

Meanwhile, coated paper is covered with hardened clay material to better display texts and images with sharper detail and denser colour. Its coating can be dull, non-shiny matte, and gloss and cast coated. A piece of paper coated on one side is usually used for low-cost postcards. In general, coated paper is not easy to write on, especially with ballpoint pens or pencils.