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Stadium Light Guide: 5 Tips For Sports Field Lighting  

All sporting institutions strive to get the top results, and those can be effectively achieved through hard work, diligence, persistence, and adequate sports field conditions. Among numerous things that need to be perfectly aligned so that the practice would run smoothly the most essential thing is the field lighting. Floodlight is probably the most vital type of illuminator that can adequately light up the entire sports field enabling perfect visability and training accuracy. Used for various sports, but field lighting or floodlight is ideal for enlighting football fields and all stadiums with professional accuracy. Here is a detailed guide on finding the most professional stadium light for sports fields.

1. Consider the size

To find the most appropriate field lighting, the first step to incorporate is the size, mainly the length, width, and height of the entire sports field. Some traditional dimensions are around 110 meters in length, and between 40 to 90 meters in width. To get the most accurate floodlight to fit the large field, you should make sure that there are no obstacles on the side and leave at least 5 meters in the bottom line and on the sidelines for the most precise lighting. For a perfectly balanced LED lighting system for your sports field, you need to mount it in all four corners and leave sufficient space for the views to see the match, adjust the angles of the beams to fit the stadium, add weather condition protection features, and align color rendering.

2. Inspect the power and weight

Another crucial feature to consider is checking whether the LED lights are powerful enough for the sports field. First of all, to ensure you get the most advantageous LED lights for your sports field, you need to contact professionals and get inquiries about the lamps and poles used. For example, if you were to contact experts at Legacy Lighting you would get immediate information about the lumens required for your tennis court, plus, you would exactly know can your existing poles handle the power and weight of the lights that are about to be installed. As the weight and power of the floodlamps needed in the sports field will depend form numerous factors, it’s always advisable to ask manufacturers directly.

3. Enhanced durability and visibility

Depending on the poles and fixtures required, the span and adjustability of height need to be aligned with the sporting area to ensure maximum durability and visibility. There are a few types of poles where floodlights could be mounted such as retractable light poles, fixed light poles, or mobile light poles. Each illuminates a vast area, especially big stadiums, but unless you miss out on the required field demands, you will not have adequate visibility. Therefore, for absolute durability, visibility, and productivity, check whether the beam is not too strong and that the light exudes soft flair for the players and views. Adjust the light beam in that manner so it could last for a lifetime.

4. Check glare restrictions and color rendering

Seeing the match as if you were literally on the field is the effect expected when installing specialized field lighting. The glare mustn’t be too excessive, otherwise, it would be unfeasible to enjoy the experience, so the LED floodlights should deliver consistent and even glare throughout. The trick behind complying with such restrictions is installing light diffusers or going for low-glare asymmetrical optics. Also, check the color rendering index or CRI and aim to get a score of around 80 or more. Luckily, almost all quality LED sports lights do deliver the maximum 100 on the CRI scale, but it’s worth inspecting.

5. Dimming ability

The sporting field ought to allure spectators and audiences and make the watching experience an enjoyable endeavor. For the ultimate stadium experience, you can play with your floodlights and try dimming the existing LED sports lights to command the light so it would fit the action played on the field. Sports field lighting can create an electrifying environment both during training and big showdown by either slaying hazardous glare or dimming the lights. This effect can only be achieved with LED floodlights that can utterly transform the field and match.

When choosing to install or replace your sports field lighting, they need to be lightweight, exude perfect glare, have a long life span, have the ability to alter color rendering and temperature, and above all have meticulous light beams and deliver uniformity.