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When To Hire An Advocate For Workers Compensation

Employees are always at risk of getting hurt at the workplace. That is why employers in certain high-risk industries are required to provide their workers with some form of accident protection. This can be workers compensation insurance or any other injury benefits program. Some states require employers to subscribe to workers compensation while others only require employers to have some form of injury benefits program for their workers. Whatever the case, injured workers should not have to foot their own medical bills for injuries they sustained at the workplace.

There are many workers compensation advocates in every city around the country. These lawyers are there to help injured workers in a number of ways. The following are reasons why workers should consider hiring an advocate for workers compensation:

1. Denied Claim

If a workers compensation claim is rejected, injured workers should hire a competent lawyer to help them get some justice. The workers comp lawyer will look at the reasons for the rejection and help the injured worker file an appeal against the ruling. Instead of waiting for their claim to be rejected, injured workers should hire an advocate from the get-go. The lawyer will help to ensure that the claim is filed in a timely manner and properly to boost the chances of approval. That said, there are only a few reasons why a claim may be rejected. First and foremost, if the injury was reported after the mandatory 30-day reporting window, the claim can be rejected.

2. Insufficient Benefits

In case an injured worker reports an injury but they are given less benefits than what they are entitled to, the best thing they can do is hire a work comp lawyer. There are medical benefits, which must cover all the medical bills arising from the accident. There is also disability benefits, which must be paid at the rate of two-thirds or three-quarters of average weekly wages, depending on the state of residence and average weekly income. If a worker is given less benefits than they are entitled to, they should consider hiring a competent lawyer to make a follow up to ensure they get all the benefits they are entitled to.

3. Delayed Approval

One of the best reasons to hire a workers compensation lawyer is to avoid delays in the claims approval process. While claims should be approved on a first come first served basis, there might be an issue that may cause delays. For this reason, workers are advised to hire a competent lawyer to help them fast-track the claims process. This will help to ensure they get full benefits without any delays.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to hire an advocate for workers compensation. Since there are many lawyers out there, a little bit of research must be carried out. Lawyers with a lot of experience in the industry and a great reputation should be accorded special consideration. You need to read reviews and check testimonials before committing yourself. Obviously, lawyers who charge affordable legal fees should be given special consideration.