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A Brief About Employment and Staffing Agency

These days finding a job has become less stressful as there are companies that are known as employment and staffing agencies that help you in finding a suitable job. Although, the two terms may sound synonymous with each other, they are used to describe somewhat two different ideas. Here is an explanation for what these terms actually stand for:

  • Employment Agency:  In an employment agency, individuals who register themselves with the agency, and have acquired a certain degree or qualification, are helped in finding long-term job opportunities. At times, it happens that a company is looking for employees for a specific post in their office, where at the same time a person with qualifications eligible for that particular post might be in need of employment. Here an employment agency works as the middle man for the employer and the employee. It helps an individual find a job he’s looking for by setting him up with the company recruiting employees in a long-term agreement. It then becomes easy for both the company and the individual as the whole process of finding and recruiting is simplified with the help of these employment agencies. The company hiring people for jobs through these agencies decide whether they want to hire the person or not.
  • Staffing Agency: Similar to the employment agency, staffing agencies also work as the middle man for the companies hiring employees and individuals looking for jobs. However, most of the job opportunities in staffing agencies are for a temporary or short period of time. Companies that hire from these staffing agencies usually recruit individuals to fill in for temporary positions due to reasons like maternity leave, long family vacations, or for special projects or as helping hands during peak seasons. These kinds of agencies are helpful for individuals who want job experience, explore new workplaces, basically temporary jobs. Most of the time, individuals sent by the company are hired easily as it’s only for a temporary period, only if the job requirement and employee qualifications match.

Both the above types of agencies have similar work of helping bridge the gap between a company looking for employees and individuals in search of employment. However, one provides long-term job opportunities while the other temporary or short-term employment. Some agencies like Hunt Employment Agency, in Canada, work as both an employment as well as a staffing agency. These agencies are majorly found in developed countries only.