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A Look At Lean Six Sigma Belt Level Certification

Today we are about to discuss everything you should know about Lean Six Sigma Belt level rankings and certifications. People ask questions about the notion of Six Sigma, clarification of the levels and certification exam. The certificate one gets is the testimony of the roles he or she has been eligible to play in project development and quality management. 

There are six classified rankings defining different certifications and gradations.

White Belt 

White Belt is a certificate course for the novice as an introduction to the concept. Employees who have not undergone a formal certificate project or training are considered to be named in White Belt Ranking. 

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt is a class upper from the White Belt certification. In this program, the employees get introduced to the project methodology. Here the employees learn to participate actively on a project and get additional training to understand what to expect and how a project evolves methodically. Yellow Belt helps in the absolute understanding of how the project leader will conduct the project.

Green Belt 

A Green Belt has a regular job. Green Belts are usually credited with 20% of the overall duties to Lean Six Sigma projects. Green Belt certification produces professionals like Financial Manager, Healthcare Administration, and Project Manager, etc. After certification, they lead the Yellows in the projects.

Black Belt

Black Belt is considered as a popular level certification. After completion of Green Belt training, professionals may get into Black Belt training. This level of training usually teaches how to drive organizational changes, statistical analysis, and lead the Green Belts. Black Belts are believed to have 90% dedication to the Lean Six Sigma Module. Black Belt training usually takes up to three months of the time period while EZsigma does this only in a month.   

Master Black Belt 

When Employees with Black Belt training master in the graph towards progress and sharp themselves in problem-solving attitudes, they are promoted to the Master Black Belt class. 


The highest-ranking of this Six Sigma Module is that of a Champion’s. They are involved in all project reviews. The professionals at this stage, mentor the other five categories. 

Though the classifications of Belt Level Ranking are sometimes done as Yellow, Green, and Black or sometimes just taken up to Master Black Belt, these six are the actually subtle classifications. So all that is important is to know what level you should really be indulged in and acuminate yourself accordingly.