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Crafty ideas for using kraft tubes

Kraft paper is coarse and dark brown. Kraft paper is stronger and can withstand more pressure than other paper types. This is why they are mainly used when a more durable material is needed.

The most ordinary use of kraft paper is to make paper grocery bags. However, due to its high strength properties, kraft paper is also used to make tubes.

These kraft tubes have shipping, mailing, and packaging applications for the safe transport of things. Some of these items are: promotional materials, banners, posters, large documents, etc.

Although kraft tubes are mainly used for storage purposes, there are other things you can do with them.

Some of the uses are:

Keep your cords untangled

Tangled cords and wires are one of the most annoying things ever. A couple of cardboard tubes can be your savior. All you have to do is appropriately coil them to tuck them in the tube’s hole.

Make a kazoo

You can make spontaneous gifts for your kids from a discarded paper towel tube. Sounds crazy? Try this: Cut three small holes in the middle of the tube. Use a strong rubber band to secure the tube with wax paper on one end. And that’s all, and your kazoo is ready!

Keep Christmas lights tidy.

While decorating your Christmas tree can be fun, untangling the lights is not. You can keep your lights organized by wrapping your lights around a cardboard tube. Once you have wrapped up the entire length of the light, secure it with tape.

Keep pants crease-free

Pants are not easy to iron, especially if you haven’t worn them for long. You can use kraft tubes to prevent your pants from getting nasty crease.

For this hack, you must cut your paper towel tube longitudinally and fold it horizontally in half. Then place it over the rack before you hang up your pants.

Store knitting needles

You can reuse discarded kraft tubes to store knitting needles properly and avoid them from bending or breaking. Try this:

  1. Use a long old tube such as the one used to store paper drawings.
  2. Cover its end with cellophane tape and tightly secure it with tape.
  3. Slide in the needles through the taped end. The tape will hold it in place securely.

Make a fly and pest strip.

You can use kraft tubes for homemade pest strips to eliminate pesky flies and mosquitoes. Just cover an empty paper towel roll with double-sided tape and hang it anywhere.

Use as kindling and logs.

Turn toilet paper and paper towel tubes made of kraft into kindling and logs for your fireplace. For starting a fire, cut the tubes shredded 3 mm strips. Store the strips in a bin near the fireplace, so they come in handy the next time you make a fire.

To make logs, seal the ends of the tube with tape and fill it with shredded newspaper. Pack the newspaper to make logs that burn longer.

Final Say!

The quality, durability and sturdiness of these tubes should be considered. These tubes are manufactured to store vital documents and to hold the items during rough handling and transportation. You must look for a good manufacturer as it is a multipurpose product and can be used for a long time.

Throwing away kraft tubes is unnecessary when there are many ways to reuse them. It is an environmentally conscious decision to store them for various uses.

Creating things of use with kraft tubes can be a fun craft. You can come up with many ideas of your own to reuse items. Recycling and reusing as many items as possible is a good habit.