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Do You Qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship?

For those of Italian descent, the country has relaxed laws to qualify for dual citizenship. While the Italian American dual citizenship requirements may not be that hard to meet, the complete process can be detailed. There can be some hurdles to jump through.

You may even be an Italian citizen and not know it. Changes to the legislation in past years mean that you could be allowed dual citizenship in the country. The Italian American dual citizenship requirements and the laws surrounding heritage can allow you to get citizenship through marriage, descent, or by legally residing in Italy for a number of years.

Why Italy Is the Best for Dual Citizenship

Beginning in 1992, the country made dual citizenship available to those of Italian descent and has made it a process that is much clearer than anywhere else in Europe. However, you do need to go through the proper process and have the right documentation to claim it. The prospect of getting dual citizenship and even moving to the country can be enticing for many people.

Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

With Italian dual citizenship, you can get access to better tax brackets, educational programs, and a permanent residence in Italy. You can also get access to an excellent healthcare system and any health care is free in the country. It also allows you the freedom to work and travel anywhere inside the European Union without any restrictions or time limits. You don’t even have to renounce your US or native citizenship to get dual citizenship and you can retain your original status.

How to Start the Process

The easiest way to get dual citizenship is with your ancestry. You need to prove this ancestry and official documentation is required to support the application. For instance, if a recent ancestor got married in the country then you will need the marriage certificate to support this. The authorities do require long-form birth certificates for both the spouse and the ancestor in order to prove the claims. Naturalization records are made available by the United States government and you are able to use this as a resource to search for ancestors with just their date of birth and name. However, it’s best to start by identifying your male relatives since certain citizenship laws restrict some females as qualifying ancestors. Eligibility for dual citizenship can also be for those who have been living in the country for more than five years. Contact the local Italian consulate to learn more about the requirements of getting citizenship through naturalization. Once you have identified your ancestry the process of getting the records starts. After the Italian consulate has looked over the application, you can then be allowed to apply for a passport.