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Interstitial Ads: Quick Tips for Mobile Advertisers

Interstitial ad formats are full-display ads served during an app’s herbal transition points. This aggregate of eye-catching full-screen views and dynamic serving makes interstitial ads a powerful tool for advertisers trying to get their message across. Interstitial commercials are available in two one of a kind varieties. Interstitial display advertisements are static full-display screen ads which are shown, for example, inside the transition between levels in a cellular sport or between articles in a information app.

Interstitial video ads feature similarly, as they’re additionally full-screen and served all through those transition points. The video content material of the advert is normally skippable after five, 15, or 20 seconds. To make the most of interstitials your in-app advertising, right here are some traits and pointers to assist improve marketing campaign overall performance.

  1. Leverage the Growth of Interstitial Video Ads

    Mobile video advertising is developing spectacularly. In the US alone, cellular video ad spending is projected to hit $16.4 billion in 2019, with double-digit percent growth anticipated for the next numerous years. All the one-of-a-kind mobile video ad codecs are experiencing sturdy growth, but interstitial video is certainly one of the pinnacle performers. Looking at data, rewarded video was the clear winner in terms of ordinary growth. However, interstitial video advertisements nonetheless grew substantially in spite of being a greater mature format than rewarded video.

Learning Point:

Which codecs are you leveraging on your in-app video ad campaigns? By searching at the fastest-developing mobile video advert formats, you may see where competition are spending their advert dollars. Now might be the time to shift your ad spending to quickly-developing formats, along with rewarded and interstitial.

2. Interstitial Display Ads Generate Excellent Click-Through Rates:

ROI is essential for any campaign. The In-App Engagement and Conversion Report 2019, Interstitials cost 4.5X extra than banner ads on an eCPM basis, yet provide a click-through rate (CTR) this is 18X higher. Click-thru quotes and eCPMs for display commercials Compared to native display advertisements, interstitial presented a extensively better ROI. The CTR of interstitial shows is greater than two times as excessive as native display commercials, whilst the layout only expenses 42% greater.

Learning Point:
For pure overall performance campaigns, interstitial display ads can be effective. Although this format is more costly than others, the high click-through charges are well worth the price.

3. Deliver the Best-Possible Creatives:

First impressions are important, and that’s mainly genuine for interstitial show commercials. With the ads being full-display screen, advertisers have the electricity to engage users a long way more than banner or native advertisements would. However, the innovative for those ads need to be specially on-point, as one have a look at determined that users spend 22% of the time engaged with an interstitial display advert looking for the “X” button to close the advertisement. With that truth in mind, it’s critical that the creative is as attractive as possible. Leveraging detailed concentrated on parameters as a way to attain the maximum applicable target market could help. This ensures the desired target audience is seeing the campaign.

Learning Point:

Purchasing premium inventory at the most famous apps can help increase engagement costs. The maximum famous apps are often a number of the exceptional designed, so the publishers know a way to install interstitial ad spaces at maximum suitable times for users. A happy consumer is more likely to engage.

Final Thoughts from AppSamurai that AI powered, secure mobile growth platform:

Interstitial ads are one of the most effective ad formats, but when you don’t use them properly, they might cause real interstitials like decreasing engagement and retention rate. If your app is appropriate to use interstitial ads, find out the best practices and get ready for your first interstitial ad.