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Evaluation through traditional monitoring and computer monitoring

Performance needs to be evaluated and some hard workers and good employees should be rewarded or appreciated on this basis.

All the rise in pay, transferring personnel, and firing are done based on performance analysis and evaluation. The result also tells where is room for improvement.

  1. Employee’s value

Every employee has their skillset. If you need to see the growth you need to evaluate the skills of the person. It might be difficult to analyze an employee or subordinate but with computer monitoring or internet monitoring software it could be made easy. Employee value is seen by what does he/she bring to the company.

  1. Cost of retaining

Accountancy of cost is one of the aspects of analysis and evaluation. Only that employee should be a part of the company from whom the company is getting something. An employee which contributes to the company and incurs very little damage and wastage of company resources. Neglecting labor cost is not acceptable and lead to downfall.


  1. Working hours

The hours put up by the employee or subordinate are a key determinant of the employee’s value. Computer monitoring has some features that can indicate how many productive hours an employee has put.

  • Productivity
  • One of the main aspects is the production by an employee. Computer monitoring by work examiner will categorize personnel and employees according to skills and whether they are a useful asset or not.

    With an internet monitoring device named work examiner, you can evaluate and analyze the performance of employees and people working.

    1. Collective goals

    The team should collectively focus on one primary goal. Sharing insights and opinions about the team will lead to morale increase and a good bond. A big goal or objective can be seen by employees.

    1. Adaptive to the different work environment

    An organization’s work environment changes constantly and due to this approach should be more result-oriented. Evaluating and analyzing the staff on basis of work done during this workplace environment change will determine the efficiency of the employee. This should be done precisely and can be done via computer monitoring.


    1. Following rule and procedures

    If an employee doesn’t follow policies and rules they may get in trouble. If some employee or subordinate leaks some inside info about a client it can cause some legal trouble. It can further lead to tarnished reputation and incur a lot of penalties.

    If someone is on the suspect list, he can be regulated through