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How Does a Leather Boot Become Waterproof?

Natural leather is the tried-and-true product for job boots since it’s unbelievably sturdy, as well as adaptable, but it has one large problem: it’s porous and not naturally water-proof. There are numerous waterproof or water-resistant natural leather boots on the market, yet how do you make a natural leather boot waterproof?

Several components can be utilized with each other to make a leather boot water-resistant, consisting of:

    • A water-resistant bootie or liner on the inside
  • Elevated, attached eyelets, rather than punched eyelets
  • A gusseted tongue in keeping water as well as dust from getting inside
  • Kilties
  • Seamed sealed building
  • Water immune waxes or sprays that are able to be worked on the natural leather

Although these procedures sound deceptively easy as well as basic, there is more to it than that. And it is vital to recognize that these components need to be used with each other to genuinely make a boot waterproof. However, several boots on the market today might state “water-resistant,” however, might be lacking a few of these certain components.

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Are Water-proof Boots Waterproof?

Not all water-proof boots will absolutely be water-resistant. There are a couple of things to take into consideration:

  • Brand name: The brand name of the work boot will play a big duty in whether or not the boot is truly waterproof. Less expensive boots utilize cheaper materials, as well as are less trusted. We all know this. But this can be especially true for waterproof boots. Discovering water-proof work boots may help you avoid this problem.
  • Products: Numerous parts go into making a boot water-proof. Some are more crucial than others, yet if a company chooses to leave particular parts out, it decreases the chances that the boot will absolutely be water-resistant. A water-proof boot needs to be built using dependable materials, the leather requires to be dealt with to resist water, the seams require to be secured to avoid dripping, as well as the boot, requires a water-resistant liner to act as the last obstacle.

How are Boots Waterproof?

Companies utilize numerous different products as well as coverings when waterproofing boots. Changes are made to almost every part of the boots to ensure that water is unable to get to the inside. Although every one of these components is essential, the water-resistant lining is possibly the most crucial component in guaranteeing your foot remains dry.

Raised Eyelets, Gusseted Tongues, and Kilties

Another part that makers will often add to assist waterproof a leather boot is a gusseted tongue. A “gusseted” tongue simply suggests that the tongue of the shoe is not only affixed at the base, yet the side of the tongue is connected to the boot.