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How to conduct yourself on LinkedIn to make a good impression

We all know that first impressions count, right?  Well, it’s no different on LinkedIn, in fact, this older saying may just be more important on this professional social media site.  Leveraging on your LinkedIn profile can boost your career and open up a lot of networking opportunities. But, it’s crucial to conduct yourself properly on LinkedIn in order to make a good first impression.

Research shows that one in three professionals own a LinkedIn profile, that’s a lot of people across the world, so you really can’t afford not to make a lasting impression on LinkedIn.  It’s vital to keep top of mind that LinkedIn is nothing like Facebook or Instagram, this social media site is for professionals who want to make an impact in their industry, further their career or build their business.

It’s most definitely worthwhile completing a digital marketing course if you want your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the rest and learn how to conduct yourself on this platform to make a good impression.


Keep it professional

Above all else, you must keep your LinkedIn profile completely professional.  In other words, there can be no room for personal photos, comments or shares on this social media site.  LinkedIn must be taken seriously by its users otherwise there can be dire consequences for your business or career.

Above all else, the number one rule for a LinkedIn profile is keeping it professional.


Be consistent and regular when posting on LinkedIn 

Research shows that fewer than one-third of users post on LinkedIn once per month, which is much less compared to other social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn.  Posting infrequently is a big mistake for users on LinkedIn, it’s just as important to post often and consistently on this site. Don’t make the common mistake of creating a profile and then failing to update, post and share interesting posts.

Be sure to frequently share industry news, your industry knowledge and inspirational posts on LinkedIn to build your profile and increase your number of followers.


Build a strong network 

Having an impact and building a strong network on LinkedIn can prove a challenge so it’s important to constantly make new connections and maintain existing connections.  You need to engage regularly with your contacts to build lasting relationships on LinkedIn.

It’s important to like posts and share every time you engage on LinkedIn.  Engaging with other people’s posts enhances your professional image by ensuring that your name appears in news feeds and by showing others that you’re active on the site.


It’s not all about your resume

Many people make the mistake of thinking that LinkedIn is only a great place to share their cv or resume.  In fact, many users post only this and then disappear. LinkedIn is so much more than a platform for sharing your cv.  You can also showcase your interests and accomplishments in many other areas that aren’t included in your resume.


Let your comments be seen

It’s important to comment on other people’s posts frequently on LinkedIn.  When you do this you’ll create a regular feed for your name. If you see an interesting post, comment on it and share it.  You’ll also find that once you authentically comment and share on other posts, more people will comment and share your posts.  But remember to always be authentic on your digital channels.


Take time picking your perfect profile picture

You’ll want to create a lasting a good first impression on LinkedIn and this is done by choosing the right profile picture.  Your profile picture also says a lot about you and how you conduct yourself on this professional social media site. Make sure your profile picture is a true reflection of yourself and don’t forget to test your profile picture.  There are quite a few apps available that help you choose the best profile picture for your profile.


Don’t overdo your descriptions

Your profile and the way you conduct yourself on LinkedIn above all else need to be a true reflection of your capabilities, your expertise and your employment history.  Also, keep in mind the type of audience you want to attract. Don’t exaggerate your work history or your accomplishments.