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Industrial Bell Lighting

Industrial hoods are luminaires designed to illuminate spaces with high heights and lighting requirements on the lighting of workplaces; and on safety and health in jobs.

Therefore, in the case of spaces of these characteristics, replacing luminaires based solely on the light flow is an error since the existing installation could be poorly sized, both by excess and by default. It is important to conduct a light study and select products that provide high light performance, high reliability, and long service life.

What advantages is the correct product selection? Among others, the saving in operating and maintenance costs stand out. It also reduces the maintenance outages and improves safety by increasing visual comfort. Consequently, all this results in an increase in the productivity of the company.

Therefore, product selection is essential in lighting with industrial hoods, and it is important to assess the different typologies on the market and their advantages.

Here are two types mainly, “BELL” or with an external reflector and “UFO” or with an integrated lens. The former reduces glare but have as disadvantages: greater size and weight, lower efficiency, and a shorter lifespan than UFOs or with integrated lens. In the case of the latter, although the cost may be slightly higher, they have a smaller size, more efficiency, greater range of powers, and mounting and optical accessories.

The new Highbay LED HE C2 hoods are already available in the industrial range, which stands out for:

  • High efficiency (140 lm / W)allows for generating greater energy savings.
  • Wide range of powers 80, 100, 150 and 240W; 4000 and 5000Kcolor temperatures and optical 60-90-120º(in general the opening beam of 90º is the most recommended; 60º allows to obtain higher levels when the installation height is high; 120º must only be used when the UGR is not a required parameter) .
  • High-performance color CREE LED: IRC> 80 and SDCM <5.These parameters give these bells a good color consistency and do not produce flickering, flicker-free.
  • E lifes lifespan> 50,000h L80B10.
  • High impact resistance (IK10).
  • High-quality components with Meanwell driver in versions without regulation or with DALI regulationand which are also replaceable.
  • Protection against 4kV surges and the possibility of installing themwith adjustable ring or lyre.

All this means that these products have high quality and reliability and consist of a 5-year series warranty.