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Office Water Dispensers: The Sustainable Solution to Reducing Plastic Waste

With the threat of global warming and the focus on environmental issues, employers need think about how their businesses are working towards sustainability. Each year, Americans purchase 50 billion disposable plastic bottles, of which only 23% are recycled. Employees spend the majority of their time in the workplace, so looking for ways to reduce plastic waste in the office is important to reducing our footprint. One way you can do this is by removing disposable plastic bottles from your office and providing an office waterdispenser instead.  Here are the steps you can take to convert to sustainable water dispensers in your office.

Ban Disposable Plastic Bottles.

Take a look at your vending machines, office kitchens, and cafeterias. Are you stocking them with single-serve plastic bottles? The first step to reducing the amount of plastic waste is to remove them completely from the office. If you’re not providing disposable plastic bottles, you’re making an immediate impact on the amount of waste your workplace is creating.

Install Water Dispensers.

Business owners know that perks like a stocked shared kitchen full of snacks and bottled water are part of the little things that keep employees happy. When removing the single-serve, disposable plastic bottles from your shared office areas and vending machines, you’ll need to replace them. Install an office water dispenser from Arctic Coolers. You’re still providing the perks employees expect, while also working toward sustainability. As an added bonus, fresh filtered water is better quality and more hygienic than bottled water.

Provide Reusable Bottles & Cups

Employees don’t like change. When you take away a perk, you’ll need to give them something they find of value in return. When replacing bottled water with a dispenser, gift your employees a reusable, stainless steel water bottle with your company logo on it. Not only will this encourage the use of your new water dispensers, but employees love free office gear!

Working toward sustainability at the office is vital to ensuring we’re doing everything to reduce our footprint on the environment. It’s especially important for businesses to do their part to enable their employees every opportunity to reduce the amount of waste they create. You can start by targeting disposable plastic bottles. Message employees about how your company is working on doing their part to minimize the impact on the environment. By providing messaging about sustainability, employees will embrace the changes you’re making and your company will be well on its way to making a difference on its environmental impact.