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Perfect Options for Selling Merchant Service and Earning

Communicate with peers: Expanding your network is important. The larger it is, the more the candidate will have a chance to land the long-awaited internship or job. The network should therefore not be limited to companies or associations through which the candidate has worked. In order to broaden his range of contacts, he can regularly attend collective information meetings. These allow you to train but also to meet people and thus share experiences. This idea is, of course, applicable to other types of meeting. The conference, the seminars or conferences are also excellent ways to establish contacts with people who exercise the same profession or who follow the same studies. The process of selling merchant services is equally important here.

What Arguments to Put Forward?

There are two axes to make it: the professional axis and the personal axis. As important as each other, they are the ones that allow the candidate to see himself in his daily life and in his career within your company.

The Professional Axis

The first important element is the image of your company, its reliability and its commitment in your field of activity. The business must be stimulating for the candidate. You have to show him that with you, he will have the opportunity to progress, to work in cutting-edge fields, to experiment and to evolve.

There are several options for this:

  • The corporate blog which shows the various exhibitions, important projects and achievements of the company.
  • The team page which can highlight your structure and your experts, showing that it will work with qualified professionals. It is important to reassure a candidate, to show him that he will have mentors or an organized and qualified team.
  • The promotion of employees through videos for example. This type of content shows the candidate that he will be valued as a spokesperson for the company.

The Social Axis

Daily life and the values ​​of a company are also very important for a future employee, who needs to know that he will be in harmony with his environment. For that:

  • Promote your team in the way that best fits the business. GIFs, small videos, quirky or fun side: do not hesitate to leave the stricter framework of the rest of your site.
  • Promote team spirit through your blog, with announcements of new arrivals, tickets to Team Building events, etc.
  • Create a page dedicated to your values.

Offer an Original Route

After consulting your site, the candidate is convinced! Why not end your journey with a fun and original experience? Rather than the classic sending of CV and cover letter, offer for example:

  • A quiz “Are you made to work for us?” with sending of CV at the end;
  • An interactive questionnaire based on the candidate’s personal and professional experiences to replace the cover letter.

In summary:

A good employer brand is ultimately quite simple. Keep these guidelines in mind and stick with your business:

  • Stand out;
  • Be honest;
  • Be accessible (also on mobile);
  • Offer a simple and fun candidate path.

Also be careful not to fall into the following traps:

  • To support your employer brand too much, to the detriment of your corporate image: the employer brand must be present on pages intended for recruitment only.
  • Do too much: a bad buzz or a caricature effect quickly arrived.
  • Make the candidate path more complex with an external site, a registration request, etc.

Privilege the social aspect to the detriment of the professional aspect or the reverse: both are important.

And, for those aspiring entrepreneurs wondering how to start a payments company, the first step is to thoroughly research the industry landscape. Understand market trends, legal requirements, and customer needs. Then, develop a comprehensive business plan, secure funding, and assemble a talented team. Building trust and offering innovative solutions are paramount to success.