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Pets also have a taxi now!!

Most families have at least one animal – something that can help to control loneliness and depression. Government statistics show there are more pets in Australia than people, which paves the way to a lot of need for pet insurance. Accidents and illnesses happen all the time, no matter how careful you are with your pet.

Emergencies aside, studies have proven the relationship between humans and their dogs improves fitness, reduces stress and provides their owners with happiness. Pets offer so much pleasure and comfort to our lives yet sometimes we can’t take them to all their appointments. Enter a new startup, an animal taxi service that transports pets when their owners can’t. It comes with all kinds of safe service and support, plus all cars have car insurance.

Don’t you feel that your pet also needs public transport to travel easily around town, whenever they need to? With the same thought in mind, Australian startup PetCloud provides cars that pick up unaccompanied pets to take them to and pick them up from grooming or vet appointments. Every car has car insurance and the driver has a license. The drivers are trained in handling the animals, have the requisite police checks and are sure to secure the pet during each trip without anyone else’s help.

Users may download the app and schedule an animal taxi on request or arrange a pick-up up to 72 hours in advance. Owners of pets can follow their journey in real-time using a GPS app and they receive fare estimates before booking. Animal-related companies such as vet clinics and pet sitters can book these taxis for their customers just as easily as the pet owner can.

Whether a pet has to travel home from a half-morning fur-cut or a trip to the vet for a dental inspection, this is particularly interesting for Australia’s ageing population, where many older pet owners cannot always take their pets to the vet.

Whether you’re old or young, take a look at PetCloud. It already has over 1100 pet-loving Australian drivers who’ll drive the next time your pet needs to move around without you.