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Points to Consider and Know About Some of the Best Podcasts

Introduction –

Personal motivation is the one thing that almost everyone has lost because of the pandemic. Many of us are yearning to do and accomplish more after more than a year of drastically altered work, home, and personal lives. However, to be honest, the idea of departing from your usual routine of working from home and alternately working on the couch and bed is too much to contemplate. If you’re as baffled by the idea of doing things as we are, it is suggested starting with simple advice in the areas of your life where you need the most push. These podcasts can help you get your head in gear and work toward your personal goals by providing personal home life and happiness tips as well as expanding your career options. Check out some best motivational podcasts here.

Too Smart for This –

It gives you a little bit of everything and is hosted by Alexis Barber, a Gen Z Black woman navigating post-grad life, love, and career. Barber is a Google marketing manager and a micro influencer. Her podcast reveals how Black women and women of colour can be treated in each role and offers her honest thoughts on how to succeed in both fields. Barber also discusses diet culture, dating, and goal-setting in between self-hosted episodes and interviews with other influencers, career-chasing activists, and others.

How I Assembled This with Fellow Raz

As everybody knows, NPR is sound news-casting eminence, and How I Fabricated This is the same. Fellow Raz winds around charming vocation stories with every one of his rousing visitors. Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia, is one of the celebrities featured in each episode. Whitney Wolfe, Bumble’s CEO; Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Petretti Spanx was founded by Sarah Blakely; plus, more. This podcast, Redefining Ambition, comes from The Women’s Network, which connects college women with professional contacts to help them find jobs. It features interviews with women in leadership roles at numerous impressive businesses, including HBO’s Meredith Gertler; Glossier’s Kathryn Ordower; Waze’s Suzie Reider; Former Malala Fund employee Farah Mohamed; plus, more. In an effort to motivate other women to achieve professional success, each guest shares their personal experiences as well as career paths.

Motivation for Happiness and Mental Health –

Discuss a difficult undertaking. Our very own psychological wellness can feel like the most debilitating obstacle to survive, however these webcasts desire to make that obstacle somewhat more modest, simpler, or considerably more tomfoolery. Dan Harris’s Ten Percent Happier is both a podcast and an app for meditation. The podcast, which is hosted by ABC journalist Dan Harris and features interviews with meditation teachers and researchers about their advice for living a happier life, guides you through meditative practices led by experts such as Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein. Despite his attacks on social anxiety, creativity, and productivity, Harris insists that happiness is a skill. And it can be learned, just like any other skill—an optimistic take on an optimistic podcast.

Therapy for Black Girls –

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford’s Therapy for Black Girls is truly enjoyable to listen to. She is a licensed psychologist who works in Atlanta, Georgia, and she uses a nuanced approach to talk about mental health and personal development. She emphasizes Black voices and voices of colour while talking about ADHD, gender identity, transracial adoptions, and other topics. You can choose any one of the episodes, which can last anywhere from six minutes to more than an hour, depending on how much time and effort you have available.