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Rank Math: SEO Plugin Review

Rank Math is an SEO plugin tool for WordPress. Before Rank Math was introduced, there is an SEO plugin tool called Yoast SEO for WordPress. With SEO tools, it helps digital marketers analyze and research for keywords. It can edit content, pages, optimize, and many more.

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is an SEO tool that helps a user gain more traffic for their website. It helps you optimize your site to its full potential. One of its functions is called Inbuilt 404 Monitor which mostly fixes the 404 monitor issues. It improves its technical control to reduce the appearance of a 404 monitor error.

The Rank Math Overview

Easy installation – Rank Math is easy to install as it has a function called auto-configuration, which makes it easier for the user to install. With its key features, you won’t waste too much time on configuration.

Interface – Rank Math interface is user-friendly. With the Rank Math dashboard, it will show the most critical options about your domain. You can quickly locate the important data, and it won’t cause you too much time to input the essential data.

SEO Settings – Rank Math settings contain links, breadcrumbs, edit robot.txt, images, edit .htaccess, and others. With these features, you will know where to go if you need to do some editing.

Optimizing Keyword and Content

The essence of SEO is the keywords. A good SEO tool has a feature that can optimize them. With the help of keyword optimization, content analysis can give better options. It has four sections called:

  • Basic SEO
  • Additional
  • Title Readability
  • Content Readability

Snippet Support

The snippet support can make your website drive more traffic. They help to show the important content in a search result, which makes you put on the top list. The more traffic you get, the more you will stand out among other competitors.

Rank Math Pros, Cons, and Reviews

With the Rank Math release on the market, users tend to choose what plugins to use. Before they transfer to newly SEO Plugin for WordPress, they will look into ratings and reviews for the SEO plugin.

The rating for Rank Math starts from one is the worst, and five is the best. Here are the ratings for the Rank Math after the review for its first release and introduction.

Price – 5

Without a doubt, we are giving this a five start because this plugin is free. Even an SEO Plugin has a price, and if the feature and function are worth it, the price won’t matter.

SEO Analysis – 4.1

SEO analysis is top-notch. It just needs a little bit of improvement. It has similar features for Yoast SEO analysis. If you previously use SEO analysis, it is easy for you to understand the function.

Ease of Installation – 5

It is easy to install because of its auto-configuration. If you want to dig deeper into Rank Math, you can do a manual installation.

Rich Snippets – 4

Rank Math has a rich snippet that can increase the traffic flow of your website. It also has an option that allows the rich snippet in videos.

Technical Support – 4.5

The tech support of Rank Math is very active. They knew that Rank Math is new, and their tech support is proactive in answering the query of the user.

Errors, Bugs, and Issue – 2

Rank Math is a new SEO tool for WordPress. It is expected to have bugs, errors, and issues.

Tested – 1

The biggest concern of all users was trial and error. It was not well tested and just released on the public.

With the SEO tools become a key to boost traffic flow to a website; we must be updated as to know what new and updated tools are. We need to be updated not only on SEO tools but on the technology itself.


  • Speed optimization and lightweight 
  • Best friendly User for its User Interface
  • Rich Snippet
  • Advance SEO with basic content analysis
  • Easily be learned even with a first time user of an SEO tools
  • Preview with social sharing with different description and title
  • Focus keywords to optimize search
  • Import from Yoast and Rich Snippet scheme
  • Adding an item for the scheme is easy
  • It is free
  • SEO analyzer
  • Module Based System
  • Smart Redirection Manager
  • Linking Suggestion
  • Google keyword suggestion


  • Bugs and issue are popping-up
  • Rank Math is not thoroughly tested and release a bit earlier
  • Installation of the plugin to Rank Math is less with other SEO tools
  • Bugs on import from Yoast and other SEO tools
  • Reverting to your previous tools is not an option
  • Incompatibility of other plugins if you use Rank Math
  • Complicated SEO Settings
  • Bugs and issue on live site as it is not possible to revert back with your old SEO plugins
  • Redirection module for regex feature is worst that Yoast
  • SEO setting is much complicated than other SEO plugin tools
  • Some plugin is not compatible with Rank Math that causes errors on some functions
  • Visitor traffic might dropdown
  • Bugs and issue when using multiple sets of focus keywords
  • Rank Math doesn’t support the AMP plugins
  • Cannot categories sitemap tag even it was set to enable

They did not plan it correctly before they released Rank Math to the public. The release of Rank Math was too soon without proper testing. If the SEO tools were tested correctly, the Rank Math before they release in on public, only a few errors would show up. For reviews and comments, there are many cons reviews and ratings after they used Rank Math.

Some of its features are good. You will be tempted to use Rank Math base on its overview. Rank Math is an excellent SEO tool for WordPress if properly develop and tested. The best thing for Rank Math is the advance SEO analysis tools. The worst about Rank Math is it release too early without adequately tested.


Rank Math may become the best SEO tool for WordPress. It has a big room for improvement. Negative feedback is not a bad thing, but actually, it’s an opportunity. The first release was a big hit for the SEO tools user because of its overviews. If they fix the bugs and issues in the future, this will become the face of SEO tools for WordPress.