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Reasons for high popularity of lab-grown diamonds

Young people are falling in love with lab-made diamonds because of their sustainability and affordability. Technological advancement has made important advances in recent times, thus allowing diamond companies to manufacture high-quality diamonds at cheaper rates. These diamonds have become a new trend in the industry and people get attracted because of their shine, appearance, transparency, and environmental reasons.

In short, lab-grown diamonds have become a superb choice because of two main reasons-

  • Cost-effectiveness (The cost of lab-made diamonds is 20-30% less than their natural counterparts).
  • Eco-friendliness

Also, the best thing about lab-grown diamonds is that you can make your own engagement ring and customize it accordingly.


To begin with, cultured diamonds are budget-friendly because they aren’t mined or they are not found beneath the earth’s surface. Hence, there’s no involvement in harsh working conditions. As far as mined diamonds are concerned, the natural resources are sacrificed to extract the natural diamonds. Also, the prices are cheaper because they do not give you a good resale value. Therefore, people use it mainly on big occasions like weddings or engagements.

Engagement rings have sentimental value and the wearers will likely wear them all the time. It is usually taken off only when the wearer is exercising or doing other household chores. Cultured diamonds are one of the best choices for engagement purposes. Why should you spend more when you can get the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds? Both natural and synthetic diamonds are the same; however, they differ in terms of the origin point.


The best thing about lab-grown diamonds is that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. This is because no heavy equipment or hazardous working conditions are present for extracting lab-made diamonds. They are produced inside a closed chamber under controlled conditions. On the other hand, mined diamonds are found under the earth’s surface and heavy working labor is needed for extracting diamonds. Moreover, dangerous equipment is used making the working area hazardous. Moreover, the diamond industry is associated with histories of child labor and human rights violation. But when it comes to lab-made diamonds, you’ll never find such incidents.

Mining generates a lot of carbon emissions which is harmful to the environment. It disrupts the surrounding areas and contributes to sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, erosion, mine drainage, soil contamination, and heavy usage of water. Mined diamonds require 126 gallons of water per carat but on the other hand, lab-grown diamonds require 18 gallons of water per carat. As estimated, for every single diamond carat, 250 tonnes of the earth is shifted. The impact on the environment is beyond carbon emissions and water usage as far as mining is concerned. It is also linked to heavy water pollution which affects aquatic life.

Get more lab made diamonds info to know more about these diamonds. These are the two main reasons why cultured diamonds have become a new trend. People are now willing to buy something that is sustainable, affordable, as well as eco-friendly.