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Rec 2 Rec London

Rec2Rec is what GSR2R mainly focuses on. We have focused on assisting local businesses to fill their recruiting needs. The establishment of additional recruitment divisions has made it possible for us to extend the scope of our services. We are now able to provide recruitment employment in London thanks to the hard work of our devoted team.

Our Rec2Rec consultants are industry leaders since they have an average of nearly 10 years of experience working in the recruiting sector. They have great ties with exceptional recruiters, ranging from trainee and graduate-level recruiters all the way up to top-end recruitment directors, and they have long-standing reputations with some of the best recruiting companies in the UK.

Recruitment Hiring

As a recruitment jobs in London manager or a company looking for new staff, you’ll be glad to know that GSR2R finds the perfect recruitment applicant the first time. We’ll work hard to understand your recruiting opportunity and won’t spam your email with unsuitable candidates.

Rec2Recs should collaborate with clients and create long-term connections. Our R2R services in London are customised for each recruiting firm. We can handle many recruiting consultants’ tasks, assessment days, or a specialty function.

Employment seekers

We’ll help you find the right recruiting job or career change. Our vast client network gives us access to London recruiting employment possibilities for all levels and talents.

We can help you find a London-based graduate role, a director-level remote recruiter, or a recruiting job in London!

Job Seekers and Recruiters

As a candidate, you might be new to the recruiting profession or an experienced recruiter seeking for a new role or to relocate. We can assist you whether you know what job position you want or are simply searching to see what opportunities in recruiting are available. We have extensive and skilled expertise assisting businesses and recruiting agencies in locating qualified individuals to fill open positions. Our consultants have several years of experience in rec2rec recruiting, so we are incredibly informed and will utilise this knowledge to find you the career you need.