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Top 10 Benefits Of Choosing e-invoicing For Your Business

Today is the time of digital transformation that can create a huge impact on the business. Use of upcoming technologies like e-invoice system can help to boost up your business sales.  So, there is a need to understand the e-invoicing and its advantages.

What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing stands for electronic invoicing. It is electronically processed, from creation to payment. An e-invoice is created in the seller’s invoicing system, online bank or web-based form and sent directly to the buyer’s software from where it can be downloaded easily. It is a structured invoice in formats like XML or EDI and issues using web-based forms. It is not in unstructured formats like PDFs, Excel or Word or processed with optical character recognition.

So here are the top benefits of using e-invoicing:

  1. Time-saving: E-invoice eliminates unwanted steps like manual data entry, accuracy check, and swapping steps and saves a lot of time.
  1. Cost reduction: Use of e-invoice eliminates the use of paper, postal fees, templates, and PDFs thus, reducing costs.
  1. More accurate: Because of minimal manual input and increased automation, manual errors are reduced to minimal, which leads to accurate results.
  1. Better customer care:  E-invoicing allows better and fast delivery of goods as it reduces 90% of processing time and processing costs. Delivery time at the desired platform gets reduced. Customers can avail early payment discounts which are an important aspect for increased sales.
  1. Payment is faster: This allows the customer to pay pronto as it reduces time and effort.
  1. Environment-friendly: E- invoices saves paper, hence it is environment-friendly and saves natural resources like trees.
  1. Proper tracking of records: You can keep a better and accurate track of sent, viewed, and paid items through the system.
  1. Better control and monitoring:  E-invoicing allows you to save everything on one platform. You can access the system from any place on any electronic device. You can also get an automated report for analysis, control, and monitoring. For example, Meade Willis e-invoicing solutions provide you actual insights on your finances and cash flow.
  1. Easy to customize: There are free templates available in the system which allows customizing the invoice as per your need, taste, and choice of design.
  1. Trustworthy for the customer: E-invoicing reduces the chances of fraudulent bills as you can validate the authenticity of the bills automatically.

In this way, using e-invoicing is the first step towards secured payments.