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What is Personal Accident Cover in Two-Wheeler Insurance?

The incoherent traffic situation in India nudges more and more people towards motorbikes as compared to cars as the former are better-equipped to navigate the discord on urban streets. However, this also puts them at risk as two-wheeler accidents are more prevalent, not to mention more damaging. Even statistics show that the ratio of bike accidents in India is higher compared to car accidents and the liability arising out of these unfortunate events is likely to put a hole in your pocket.

Keeping this in mind, the government, through the Indian Motor Tariff, 2002, made it mandatory for automobile owners to purchase a personal accident cover for their new automobiles along with the third-party liability cover mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. You need not buy again if you already have an active existing policy that you bought with your first automobile as this cover is universal regardless of the number of vehicles you own. However, do note that you need to buy third-party liability for each of your vehicles.

Remember, accidents cannot be controlled, but precautions can always be taken. In this article, we will understand this in detail.

What is personal accident cover?

A personal accident cover bundled with your two wheeler insurance policy protects you from accidental death or injuries suffered in the case of an accident. The amount offered as compensation under a personal accident cover is generally in the ratio shown in the table below but differs from insurer to insurer:

Nature of injury Scale of compensation
Death 100%
Loss of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb and sight of one eye 100%
Loss of one limb or sight of one eye 50%
Permanent total disability from injuries other than named above 100%

A personal accident cover is available at a minimal premium and you can either purchase a long-term policy, which further reduces the cost of the premium, or just renew it annually. You could also purchase additional coverage for the pillion rider. Also, do make use of the two wheeler insurance premium calculator to find the best policy for your needs.

Benefits of personal accident cover

  1. Accidental death

If an accident results in the premature death of a person, then 100% of the total sum assured is offered to the insured person’s family to protect them from financial crises.

  1. Compensation for disability

Accidents can cause serious injuries and might even lead to temporary or permanent disability. It would also affect the earning capacity of the victim. Therefore, in the case of permanent total disability caused due to an accident, 100% compensation is offered to your family. Temporary disabilities and permanent partial disabilities are also compensated under this policy up to a certain percentage.

  1. Hospitalization charges

If you’re involved in a road accident and get hospitalized due to the injuries, then you will be offered a daily cash allowance to meet the hospitalization charges. However, you can avail this amount only for a specific number of days and only during hospitalization.

  1. 24-hour claim assistance

Insurance companies that offer this coverage also provide a 24×7 helpdesk to answer issues related to the claim procedure. This makes the claim process quick and hassle-free.

What does a personal accident cover not include?

These are the instances that are excluded from a personal accident cover:

  • If the insured party has consumed alcohol or drugs
  • Deliberate acts causing death or bodily injury
  • If the injury or death is caused because of violations of the law

A personal accident cover enhances your two-wheeler insurance policy and offers protection from unforeseen events. When it comes to renewing your policy, bike insurance renewal can just as easily be done online.