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Why use BGP?

The Business Grant Portal (BGP) is a government website that centralizes several business grants in one united place. It turns it simpler to discover, analyze and pertain for the grant that suits your desires. The door was inaugurated in 2017, and it regulates under the auspices of the Finance and Trade ministries. The Industry and Government Technology Agency is similarly a major player.

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The business grants portal finishes the difficulty of specifying the right business grant for entrepreneurs in Singapore. Aspiring business individuals face a puzzle-like complication when examining tens of government-aided business grants in Singapore.

Though these grants enable SMEs to accumulate and improve their enterprises, discovering a befitting choice and specifying numerous granting agencies can be energy-sapping. Furthermore, the paperwork needed to assure prosperous compliance makes it extra difficult. Also, connect with us at HeySara, if you are looking for expert corporate secretarial services with ensured corporate compliance.

With their business approach to Singapore, compact help such as the grant portal makes it simple for growing entrepreneurs to find monetary respite. In Singapore, new pensions flinch after the annual budget declaration.

  • The objective of the BGP
  • To facilitate the entrepreneurs in discovering grant agencies and about appropriate grants efficiently.
  • To give centralized data on business and to decrease the grant application timelines- business can depend on ACRA to provide data founded on the UEN number.
  • To provide a simple grants application and authorization method.
  • What you will need to apply for a BGP Grant
  • Log in to the BGP by using a verified CorPass.
  • Give Complete Company profile.
  • Find and pertain for a business-relevant grant
  • Later fulfilling the request, you can follow up on the procedure and get updates.
  • Upon approval, you can receive the grant given.
  • Why Use the Business Grants Portal?

Draining through a myriad of government grants in Singapore could flee an entrepreneur thwarted. At the same moment, a grant that doesn’t fit your necessities can direct to disqualification. Through the Business Grant Portal, it’s simple to drive through the grants given and find one that matches your start-up desires. There are reasons you require to use the BGP portal:-

  • It compels the full grant request to follow up, and authorization refines are easy for businesses.
  • An entrepreneur doesn’t require triplicating similar information to various grant handing out agencies for every application.
  • The portal deports the necessity for businesses to swivel from a grant agency to another.
  • Factors That Make Grant Application Via BGP simpler
  • A Simple Application Process

Businesses eager for government grants can get application forms, project-specific information, and pertinent resources in one site. It makes the application process easier.

  • Give Company-Related Information

The grant application technique needs a business to avail of significant details. On the portal, it’s susceptible to give such since it’s automatically developed for the accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’s (ACRA) database through the UEN of the company (Unique Entity Number).

  • Directs Applications to the Relevant Agency

When you deliver the applications through the BGP portal, they are sent to relevant agencies based on program requirements. You don’t have to concern about the agency to approach.

  • Protects Data for Future Reference

First-time applicants who give business data are no longer beholden to prepare it afresh if they want to apply for another grant. The portal retains the data, and it can be utilized for successive proposals.