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5 Happy Face Emojis You Need To Use On Your Digital Conversations

How do we convey or get the word out that we are feeling happy at the moment? We can express our feelings of joy through a smile. There’s plenty of happy face emojis that you can use to signal your emotions of happiness. Use these happy face emojis to convey any happiness through different digital platforms.

You may be happy because of someone or something that they said, or you may even be happy because of something you read online. Whatever the reason for this joy and happiness, make sure to use these happy face emojis for your chats, text, and social media posts. 

A smile does not need a thousand words for an explanation. These happy face emojis should do the trick in expressing your happiness in a digital platform.

Grinning Face With Big Eyes

The “Grinning Face With Big Eyes” is a happy face emoji with oval-shaped eyes and a distinguishable big open smile. It looks almost the same as the Grinning Face, but the difference is the eyes’ shape. The eyes of this happy face emoji look a bit taller than the Grinning Face emoji’s eyes and look more excited. 

This emoji is the perfect and ideal happy face emoji if we talk about expressing happiness, excitement, and anticipation. Generally, the idea is to express joy, but there are certain levels to it, and this happy face emoji hits a certain exact level. We can call it a good-natured amusement as the Grinning Face With Big Eyes emoji looks like an innocent, happy face emoji. 

Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

If the emoticon ^^ were an emoji, then this happy face emoji would represent it best. The Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes has the graphic design of a happy face emoji with smiling eyes, rosy cheeks, and a standard closed smile. This happy face emoji is perfect for expressing genuine happiness, expressing warmth and friendliness, and mild excitement.

This happy face emoji is the perfect emoji to use in any work or formal setting. Accompany any message or requests towards your workmates in the office by attaching this happy face emoji. They will surely know that you do not mean any trouble and that you are only looking to cultivate your friendship.

Face With Tears Of Joy

The Happy Face With Tears Of Joy emoji is an emoji meant for intense streaks of happiness. This joy or happiness may come from a good joke, something funny, or anything that brings out extreme happiness. 

If something makes you laugh too hard, then this is the perfect emoji for the situation. This emoji often finds its way on group chats between close friends, mainly when someone gets flamed for something funny or embarrassing.

This happy face emoji looks like an emoji face with smiling eyes and tears coming out of each eye. A big open laugh is also distinguishable on this happy face emoji. There is no significant variation between the versions found on other platforms. You can use this happy face emoji on any platform, and the message or meaning will still be the same.

Smiling Face With Halo 

The Smiling Face With Halo emoji is another happy face emoji that shows joy and happiness. This time, this emoji shows the kind of joy and happiness that has a distinguishable halo over its head and a closed smile. 

This happy face emoji should be perfect and ideal in representing angels and any angelic behavior that you did. If you just did the dishes as mom told you, this emoji is the ideal happy face emoji to send on your family group chat.

This happy face emoji is the best emoji to refer to any good deeds that you did or noticed. This happy face emoji also has the same variation across different platforms, and it goes with the standard yellow emoji color.

ROFL Emoji

The Rolling On The Floor Laughing emoji or the ROFL emoji is a happy face emoji meant to describe any obnoxious and extreme laughter. It is generally the same as the Face with tears of joy emoji; however, they have a few distinctions from each other. 

The ROFL emoji has the same face with tears of joy but tilts at a certain angle. The emoji’s tilt then refers to or symbolizes the “rolling” action that the name of this happy face emoji suggests. 

You can use this happy Face emoji the same way you use the Face with tears of joy emoji. Both emojis are ideal for any uncontrollable laughter that may root from anything funny or embarrassing.


We sincerely hope that you are no longer using the “:-)” emoji. These are happy face emojis that describe the same emotion of joy but more clearly and concisely. These happy face emojis should be transparent enough to replace long and lengthy messages that say the same thing. Use these happy face emojis on your chats, texts, and even social media posts!