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5 Indoor Games To Play With Your Dog

Caged in your home can be a deal breaker for you and your dog. Even if you are confined to the four walls, you can engage and entertain your canine in fun and stimulating activities that will help them exercise mentally and physically. So the next time you are forced to stay indoors, don’t spoil your fun. Try some activities to keep your puppy engaged and running on its toes.

Medical aid for dogs can treat your furry family member with the required medical help during in-home and outdoor tragedies like accidents, falls, injuries, dental issues, emergencies, and more. However, the benefits you can avail yourself of depend on the pet insurance policy you choose to buy.

Learn simple ways to keep your fur baby occupied and happy inside the home.

1. Recall game

In a simple sense, a puppy must move back and forth from one room to another. However, you can twist the game slightly to make it more interesting for your fur baby. Select two people from the household and hand each of them a bag of tasty dog treats. One person must be instructed to restrain the fur baby by gently pulling the collar, and at the same time, the second person will call out the fur baby’s name, commanding them to come over to their zone. However, ask the first person not to let go of the leash immediately. Tell the first person to wait for a couple of seconds before the fur baby is freed so they go to the second person and collect their treats. Also, praising words, pats on the back or head rubs can enhance the puppy’s mood and push them to continue to play the game. After this, the second person will assume the role of the first person and vice versa. Engage your fur baby in a recall game until they are tired of treats or the game no longer seems funny to them. Also, you can increase the distances between the two people, ask them to stand at the top and bottom of the stairs, or opposite corners of the home, etc.

2. Hide and seek

It is a variation of the recall game. All you need to do is hide in a corner, behind the curtains or sofa, sneak inside your closet, etc.; after that, call your puppy, and ask them to find you. At the same time, have some of your puppy’s fav treats in your pocket so you can toss one or two every time they successfully discover your hideout. Make it easy for your pup right in the beginning.

The puppy may lose interest in the game if it always lands on the losing side. Allow your pup a fair share of wins in the starting so they wait for more surprises and treats as the game progresses and gets serious.

3. Wild Sits

This is an enjoyable exercise to do with your dog. When your canine is on a leash, bother them, and run around jumping and cheering to get your puppy excited and interested. Then suddenly, command your pup to sit. This will require some practice depending on how active your dog is. After a point, your canine should pick the game from running around to sitting suddenly on your command.

4. Obstacle Course

This is a relatively simple game, and we may have played it at some point. You can make this a fun activity for your pup by placing obstacles indoors in your home. You can make a setup by using boxes, small tables, or chairs with objects available in your house for your canine to crawl, jump and navigate through. 

5. Agility System And Training Platform

This is a way to hold up and engage your canine. You can ensure your pet is having enough fun staying indoors and that its mental and physical health doesn’t go for a toss. This game is easy to configure, adjustable, and can be customized according to your canine’s requirements. It is washable and waterproof and can be used outdoors.

A puppy knows no heaven that doesn’t include its human parents so that it might be ready for a thrill ride within the air-conditioned comforts of the home within no time. Also, puppy owners must take adequate steps to ensure pup safety during gaming hours.

Accidents and injuries are possible when an unpredictable fur baby whooshes inside the house, so pet parents must reflect on purchasing a puppy insurance policy. Medical aid for dogs can help puppy parents provide their fur babies with quality medical care while significantly lowering the annual pet insurance.