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Philippines Payroll: HRIS and Payroll Software Headlining Ease and Better Productivity

Automating payroll and HR processes is proving to be a huge benefit for small and medium-sized businesses. Human resource information system (HRIS) helpscompanies be more agile and responsive by using reliable software streamlining processes. 

HRIS is a software-based solution that automates the administration of human resource functions. This technology is rapidly becoming more popular with small to mid-sized employers still using old software or manually administering HR functions.

HRIS for Small Businesses in the Philippines

Small businesses in the Philippines do not realize the benefits of an HRIS solution for automating HR and payroll. Often, small businesses and start-ups do not focus on streamlining their processes. 

Among the reasons why small businesses struggle to grow is that they tend to overlook the benefits of digital transformation and automation. They believe traditional methods can still be used to manage their payroll and HR because they have a smaller workforce. They are also limited in IT budgets and resources and prefer to focus on income-generating activities rather than administrative tasks.Even if businesses invest in automation, HR and payroll are often the last or least concern.

Why should your small business in the Philippines consider having an HRIS?

You are responsible for all aspects of a small business, whether starting it or running one. Every aspect of your company must work well, from back-office operations to sales or marketing to payroll management and employee compliance. 

As your business grows, operations and other HR processes can become more complicated; add to that unimaginable events, and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by paperwork and long work hours. Favorably, HRIS software can automate the administration of the following:

  • Recruiting and New Hire Onboarding
  • TimeMonitoring
  • Payroll
  • Employee Benefits
  • HRCompliance
  • Recordkeeping
  • Reporting

Automated software solutions have been available to most of these components for many years. These functions can all be integrated under one technology platform in a comprehensive HRIS system, reducing paperwork while also increasing productivity and operational efficiency for your company.

Selecting The Right HRIS For Your Business

Selecting the right HRIS for your company is a huge accountability as it significantly impactsachievingspecific business goals. While it’s challenging to choose the best from various HR software companies in the Philippines, it would help to consider these steps to get you started:

  1. Create a checklist of what makes the right HRIS for your business.

Creating an HR system requirements checklist is essential for selecting the right HRIS for your business. There are several considerations, including cost, features, and customization. If you plan to use the system for a long time, it may also help to check online customer reviews or read articles about the HRIS provider.

You will want to ensure that the HRIS can accomplish your desired function and work seamlessly with your current business processes. They can also offer reference clients to help determine if they are a good fit for your business.

  1. Look for an HRIS that can help identify and solve problems with your current HR processes.

Choosing an HRIS that can help identify and solve problems is critical to any organization’s success. It helps employees feel valued and center their focus on the organization’s goals.

While HRIS is complex, it’s essential to find a solution that can fit the needs of the business. Aside from providing excellent payroll package software, your chosen HRIS should integrate with other systems, including accounting/ERP systems and job costing applications. It should also be able to manage access rights to data, which is vital for the organization’s security. Furthermore, it would help to look for a software provider that will offer customizable options and variations to adjust tospecific changes in your HR processes. 

  1. Make your safety and security your priority.

While it may seem like an easy decision, several stepsmust be taken to ensure the system’s safety and security.

Among the first steps to take is to educate yourself on cyber security. This can help you protect your company’s assets. If you are unfamiliar with keeping information secure, it is wise to consult security experts.You should also ensure that you have the appropriate training for your employees. Your employees should be able to create strong passwords and avoid password sharing. 

In addition to creating security policies, you must limit employees’ access to your HRIS. Your chosen HR software should be capable of enforcing compliance with national labor laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Go for affordability with greater functions

Choosing an affordable and functional HRIS is not a trivial endeavor. The best option is to do background research before making a final decision.

An HR system can help simplify data analysis and streamline reporting. HRIS can also improve data security and help employers stay organized. However, the best HRIS for your business will depend on your specific needs. The system you choose can also scale as your organization grows.

HR technology is advancing, and HR functions are becoming more automated. This creates many business advantages but also poses risks of dehumanizing the workplace. As a result, it’s essential to choose a flexible HRIS to adapt to changes in regulations and the way people work.

Choosing a comprehensive HRIS such as the GreatDay HR can help put the right talent in place. Moreover, a solid HR software solution can improve employee performance, enhance employee growth, and save your organization time and money. 

GreatDay HR: The most affordable HRIS and Payroll Platform in the Philippines

GreatDay HR platform was created for the Philippines by Filipinos. The team is constantly developing new features to meet the needs of Philippine businesses.

GreatDay HR HRIS/Payroll software’s goal is to help you simplify and automate your Human Resources processes and help you grow your business at a more affordable price. The software aims to easily manage Human Resources activities, such as Philippines payroll, attendance records, and leave requests. It also offers a convenient way to handle tax calculations, reports, and reporting generation. Moreover, with GreatDayHR’s modern, innovative, all-in-one HR/Payroll platform, all the information you require is available at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.


A decent HRIS can help you eliminate tedious manual tasks, eliminate troublesome errors, and save time. However, keeping up with changes in features and upgrades can also be challenging. Choosing an HRIS with an interface that’s easy to use and learn is essential.

An excellent HRIS will help streamline data analysis and reporting. It will also help you keep up to date on changing tax laws. Moreover, with the right HRIS, rest assured that analyzing employee time off and scope of work is greatly facilitated.