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Auto accident in Rochester: Don’t delay in calling an attorney

Hundreds of fatal car accidents and crashes are reported in New York every year. A sudden auto accident can derail your life completely. Besides the injuries and suffering, you may have to incur heavy losses, including loss of current and future incomes. While we hope the misfortune of getting injured in such an accident, but if you do, calling a Rochester personal injury attorney should be among your first priorities. Here’s why an attorney is so important for your case. 

The “pure comparative fault” rule

When more than one party is at fault for an auto accident or crash, New York follows the “pure comparative fault” rule. This means that if you had 20% share in fault, your awarded compensation will be reduced by that percentage. When you file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, the claims adjuster will probably try many ways to shift the blame on you. The “pure comparative fault” rule means that if the other driver has major share of fault, they can still seek compensation. 

Expectedly, often drivers and insurance companies blame one another. Having a personal injury attorney is important for negotiating your claim. Attorneys know what it takes to talk to the claims adjuster, and they will always ask for a fair settlement. While going to court is definitely an expensive option for everyone involved, your lawyer may consider the same if a fair settlement cannot be agreed upon. 

Get a fair settlement

You may be eligible to get compensation for your financial losses beyond what’s obvious after an accident. A skilled personal injury attorney in Rochester can help in evaluating the true worth of your claim. Whatever the claims adjuster may offer you initially, it is likely to be way lesser than what you deserve. You need an attorney, so that they can handle the claim on your behalf. 

Free case evaluation

If you are still wondering whether you need a personal injury attorney, keep in mind that the first consultation is usually complementary. This is a really good window to meet an attorney and ask relevant questions. Also, attorneys often take up personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that the lawyer doesn’t get paid if they don’t win. As such, you don’t have to pay huge for hiring an attorney in the first place. 

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