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Top Skills To Look For While Hiring A Personal Assistant

Are you running an office in Beverly Hills, California? You cannot keep up with everything by yourself in such a fast-paced business hub. What you need is a personal assistant.

An assistant is someone who coordinates everything on your schedule so you can work without any stress.

While hiring the best personal assistants in Beverly Hills, CA, you will be flooded with options. So, whom should you choose?

Read on to learn the top skills to look for while hiring a personal assistant (PA).

What is the PA expected to do?

The skill set you look for in your PA will depend heavily on the job description. As an assistant is supposed to assist you in all your business requirements, you would want someone who understands your work and how you go about it.

Some common jobs a PA does include:

  • Coordinate and plan your daily professional activities
  • Schedule appointments, respond to emails, and convey important information
  • Plan and keep track of meetings, draft presentations, and take notes during conferences

Ideally, you would want someone with excellent soft skills. They should also be efficient and flexible to keep up with the fast-paced work environment.

What academic qualifications to look for?

Any professional personal assistant will take a few management courses and plan to be efficient at their job. While hiring a PA, the following academic qualifications are sought after:

  • Certification in business administration
  • A diploma in business operations

These qualifications ensure that the person you are hiring has a good understanding of how the market works. Hence, they can perform in the office and help with your requirements reliably.

What are the skills required?

Being a personal assistant requires more than a few qualifications. The person should be able to understand the business expectations of the manager and work to fulfil them.

Some of the top skills in any personal assistant worth their salt include:

  1. Multitasking

It is essential to remember that the PA is there to reduce your workload. Hence, they should be able to juggle between tasks and keep up with your deadlines efficiently.

Their job is also one with many sub-domains. Thus, they must be able to do such a variety of work within a stipulated time frame. And most importantly, they should be able to judge which task has to be on priority.

Time management

People only require a personal assistant when they have too much work and a time crunch. So, the assistant should know how to divide the work so that there are no missed deadlines and all the work is done correctly.

So, managing time is a necessity. You would need someone who can scan through all the paperwork timely and tell you the key points. This way, you can work efficiently and finish everything in less time.

Presentation and communication skills

From time to time, you will need your assistant to draft your presentations. Hence, they should be thorough with their work, neatness, and communication. This way, you can ensure efficiency.

Wrapping up

Managers in all the top companies require a personal assistant. This is especially true in a fast-paced work environment like Beverly Hills. So, look for the best skill set while hiring personal assistants in Beverly Hills, CA. These are professionals who reduce your workload and make work less stressful.