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Benefits of Opting For a Global Health Insurance Policy

Everyone loves an excellent overseas trip, and most of them might even end up buying travel insurance to have a safe trip. However, travel insurance only looks after the travel risk, but an extensive medical risk could also arise. Clearly, travel insurance is not enough; you also need a global health cover.

Global health insurance explained

Various types of health insurance plans such as the domestic health insurance plan are available but  they will not cover the medical risks that are faced outside your country. Therefore, you need a global health insurance policy that covers medical risks across different countries.

Global health insurance vs international travel insurance

Travel insurance plans mainly cover only travel risks like flight cancellation, loss of baggage, passport theft, etc. However, during the overseas stay, you might face certain medical risks, and global medical insurance plans provide coverage for it. A medical insurance cover is available for travel insurance policies as well, and you can strengthen it with the add-ons you might require. But, it isn’t as comprehensive when compared to a global health insurance policy.

Do you need a global health plan?

The primary purpose of a global health insurance policy is providing comprehensive medical insurance coverage to everyone who is travelling across the world. If you are someone who is planning long-term visits to foreign countries, or you’re a businessman/employee who travels overseas for work, then you must definitely opt for a global health plan.


Features of a global health insurance policy entirely depends on which plan and coverage you are opting for. Premium will be high if the coverage is high. The global health insurance providers usually have different plans that provide you with different coverages. Covers vary according to the plan that you’ve chosen, listed below are a few:

  • Nursing, operation theatre, daycare services
  • Critical care
  • Hospital accommodation
  • Surgeon charges
  • Transplant of organ
  • Dialysis
  • Expenses that are related to conducting different type of diagnostic, radiology, pathology tests
  • Supporting therapies
  • Dental treatment carried out by a dental practitioner (examinations, crowns, filings where required, surgery) excluding cosmetic surgery/treatment
  • Ambulance services

Benefits of global health insurance

Here are some of the significant benefits provided by a global health insurance policy:

  1. Claims are stress-free

The insurance company offering you a global health insurance policy assures stress-free claims, whether it is reimbursement or cashless claims as they have a vast network of hospitals and the processes are in place.

  1. Offers financial security

Availing a global health insurance policy will provide you with financial security. Also, it is better than paying the hospital bills from your pocket.

  1. Travel in Peace

If you opt for global health policy, it will not prevent you from all the unforeseeable things that might happen to you, but god forbid if something happens then it will provide the necessary assistance. You will be able to enjoy your travel and be relaxed because it is your insurance company who will take care of any unfortunate event that occurs.

Along with features, an insurance company also has its long list of exclusions, i.e. situations where global insurance won’t be of help to you. Hence, you must go through the exclusions, terms and conditions of a policy, and evaluate quotes with the help of a health insurance premium calculator before you purchase it, and make a wise decision. In case of any doubts, you can contact the customer care executive of the insurer or visit the company’s website.