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  A Business Owner’s Guide to the Top Commercial Janitorial Service Companies

Do you look around your workplace and proclaim, this place needs a major cleaning! If so, you should consider looking at commercial janitorial service companies.

It’s always better to find a company to clean your business premises. Your workers have too much on their plate and won’t be able to do the best job for cleaning the workplace.

These companies have trained professionals with a variety of skills. This includes deep cleaning, finding hazards, and educating employees on cleaning best practices.

But which companies should you hire? These are the best commercial janitorial service companies you should consider:

  1. Prestige Janitorial Services

Prestige Janitorial Services is one of the best commercial janitorial service companies for businesses of any size.

Their primary focus is to provide a great janitor for your business. These janitors will make sure your workplace is kept clean at all times. They can work during work hours as well as after hours.

They can also provide more complex services such as tile and grout cleaning. They can help you clean a variety of workplaces including offices, warehouses, retail stores, factories, and much more.

They have affordable pricing and excellent customer service. You won’t be disappointed if you hire them for your janitorial services.

  1. Bonus Building Care

If you run a small business and want a localized experience, you should consider Bonus Building Care. You can expect custom pricing, green cleaning options, as well as efficient cleaning.

It’s a great service for cleaning a variety of workplaces. These include offices, hospitals, retail, and industrial workplaces.

You can expect personalized care for your business. If your business is in its early stages, consider using their janitorial services.

  1. CleanNet USA

This company handles several square miles of workspace per day. They have over three decades of experience with cleaning workplaces.

You can expect green cleaning services for your workplace. They can clean all public and private areas of your business. This can include cleaning offices, meeting rooms, and bathrooms. It will also include cleaning lobbies, staircases, and elevators.

They also have the services to clean specialized types of floors. They can help with cleaning marble, tile, hardwood, and granite floors. You can also hire them to wax, buff, and strip the flooring.

If you have carpets in your office, they also help with carpet cleaning and shampooing. There are also services for cleaning up construction sites and recycling your waste.

This company also knows how to handle cleaning services to abide by CDC regulations. They made strides in helping companies adhere to COVID-19 hygiene standards.

Find Your Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Now you are ready to find the best commercial janitorial cleaning services for your business.

Make sure you set aside part of your company’s budget for regular cleaning services. Take the time to interview each service to see which works best for your company’s needs. Once you find them, prepare a timetable on when they should clean your company each week.

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